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Calem Glover (b.1977)


Calem Glover, also known as Kingscribbler, and his artistic journey began in the '80s with the scribbles on notepads and phonebooks at home. Here, he felt a sense of order amongst the circles, diagonal lines, and other scribbles on these brown pages. Glover saw beauty in these everyday scribbles and took it upon himself to express them into art. Kingscribbler builds his world through what he calls, “Doodle-Expressionism”, and his experience in the ‘90s New York street-art scene gives his paintings a sense of speed and performance—the graffiti strokes and sliding, thin lines flowing together to create density. 

At times amidst the whirl of thoughts and chaos, we scribble aimlessly. This fundamental act of expressing deeper emotion forms the basis of Glover’s act. Through his scribbles, the artist channels into the myriad of emotions and subjects rooted in his upbringing and life clear of any exterior influence or motivation. His seemingly chaotic works rather demystifies and decodes the volatile and underlying emotions with clear, crisp colors and scribbly lines.

Underneath the veneer of childlike doodles lie an art form and an artist's vision who finds beauty in imperfection and embraces it with explosive energy and color.

Solo Exhibitions

2023  The Scribbled Line Is Life, Roy Gallery, Seoul

2019  Jamppong, Livingroom Seoul, Seoul

2016   Free Range, Hygienic Art Gallery, New London CT USA


Group Exhibitions

2022  Expression ,Roy Gallery, Seoul
 King Scribbler, Livingroom Seoul,  Seoul


Art Fairs

2024  BAMA, Bexco, Busan

2023  Urban Break Busan, Bexco, Busan

2018  Yongsan International Art Festival, Seoul
2018  Pink art fair, Seoul
2017  ART SANYA BEACH Art Fair, China


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