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The Scribbled Line is Life

Calem Glover |  Feb 11 - Mar 5, 2023  | ROY GALLERY Apgujeong

The artist has been developing his style since 1997. Has lived and worked in NYC, Miami, LA, Nova Scotia Canada, Lithuania, and currently resides in Seoul, South Korea. Self taught Artist with a Penchant for the Scribbled Line. His Approach in Art is to Ultimately Master Artistic Imperfection. Most of his work incorporates found objects. Surfaces from the street, discarded paints, etc. Doodleexpressionism is the movement the Artist represents, It is an intuitive style meant to drive the viewer to a place of both ease and/or discomfort. He invokes line elements from his childhood. Like the note pad that laid next to the telephone in times past representing the artist in us all.


Installation View


​로이갤러리에 관심 가져주셔서 감사합니다. 빠른 시일 내로 답변 드리겠습니다.

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